Friday, November 13, 2009

13 November 2009 (FRIDAY!!)

But then I am not supertitious. I saw a movie last night, titled "The Living Matrix" One needs to watch this movie with a totally open mind. There is a huge amount of information (mostly alternative/scientific) given. It is probably, therefore, a little difficult to digest all the information at one sitting.

One of the comments made by a German Doctor was "If you have a chronic disease and you think that it is incurable, then it will be incurable. Similarly if you think that the disease is curable, you will be cured"

This statement which was repeated by some other researchers, throughout the movie, but not in the same words, supports what I have always felt for many years now.

My assertions that positive thought can and does cure diseases, will I feel be proved correct. If the findings presented through the medium of this movie are even only half valid, current day medical science will in most cases become almost totally invalid!

A very thought provoking movie and if you get a chance to see it then please do so.

Take care!

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