Friday, March 5, 2010

One Year Down

It is hard to believe that exactly a year ago, I heard the words "We have a big problem." My treatment ended a little over six months ago and I now feel much better and the last year seems to be almost a dream. I have picked up weight (almost time to go on diet again!) The beaurocrats seem to think that I should not fly for 2 years as I may suddenly lose my senses and fly into a car or crowd of people. What rubbish! Yes the slim chance does  exist that a tumour could appear on my brain, but then, I am being constantly monitored and in any case that is not going to happen. Anyhow enough of that.

Last couple of weeks have been somewhat hectic in this part of the world. A number of massive fires broke out in areas around where we live.Some tense times! Although we had some rain, the drought seems set to continue. Daytime temperatures are often in the high 30's.

Off to Jo'burg again this weekend (Margi is doing a workshop there on Sunday)

Until next time, take care out there!

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  1. Sounds great. We were at a party in Saturday for my friend John Bowen who was critically ill with Cancer 10 years ago - given 6 Months. Celebrating ten years cancer free. Wonderful occasion.