Tuesday, November 10, 2009

12 November 2009

It is amazing how quickly time goes by. It is now some while since I wrote in this blog, partly through being a little lazy (popular pastime of mine) or not knowing what to say. However, today I have been thinking back to my trip to the Kgalagadi and the evening when I spent almost an hour talking to the partner of a cancer sufferer on the telephone while I was sitting at Twee Rivieren.

The results of my PET/CT scan and the examination by the ENT a month ago were very encouraging. In conclusion the PET scan report read "There has been a significant response to therapy when compared with the previous scan done in March 2009......................No new lesions are identified and no metastatic lesions are seen in the organs. No parenchtmal metastases or lymphadenopathy is seen. No skeletal metastases are noted"

Apparently one of the main concerns was that the tumour that I had coyuld spread easily to the bones and there is no sign that this had happened. There is one node in my neck that has been noted as being not quite "normal" but it is felt that this is as a result of the radiation.

What have I been doing for the last month. Click on - My Kgalagadi Adventure will provide some of the answers. I am still battling a bit to put on weight. So many are trying to lose weight and I never thought that I would ever battle to put on weight!

It is great to be home in Knysna. My strength is improving daily and I find myself able to tackle things which until quite recently would have left me exhausted.

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  1. Hi Grant
    Glad to see things are slowly but surely improving. The photos are stunning, very envious of the opportunity you had to take them. Looking forward to taking some good ones myself in Egypt next year.
    Angel blessings