Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday 8 September 2009

No, I did not disappear in a puff of blue smoke, although there are some days when I wish I had that option. Things have been very hectic over the last two weeks or so. Had to pack a whole bunch of things that had to come back to Jo'burg and then drive 1250 kms to Jo'burg. The Land Cruiser is not the fastest thing on four wheels, even when Margi condescends to drive it. Loaded an average speed of only 85kms an hour is achieved. On Tuesday last week the implants in my lower jaw were exposed and after a quick visit to the Prostodontist, impressions were taken and I had hoped to have the teeth fitted before we leave for Knysna tomorrow. No such luck, The technician said that there would not be enough time to complete the required work. Drat, I will have to go another month chewing on my 6 front teeth. Yes, I even ate the fantastic boerewors that Nadine gave me, chewing like a rabbit! The boerewors tasted much better than my earlier fantasies.
Yesterday I was admitted (for the last time!) to the Morningside Clinic where the PEG (feeding tube) and A-Port were removed. I have to admit that the PEG was a life saver but I am very glad to be rid of it.
A lot is planned for the next while. About a week after we arrive back in Knysna, we have a bit of a holiday planned. We will be going to Vermaaklikheid for 2 nights, Arniston for 1 night, De Hoop Nature reserve for 4 nights and then 2 nights on a working farm near Villiersdorp. Margi will then present a workshop on the Saturday.
We will be on our way back to Jo'burg at the end of the first week in October. Margi will be presenting a Teacher Training Course for 2 weeks. After I have had a PET/CT scan and seen the various specialists, I am escaping to the solitude and beauty of Kgagalagadi and the Kalahari. Margi will join me for a couple of days after she has completed the traing course.
I am often asked how I manage to remain so positive and focused. The answer lies in my planned activities for the next 2 months. Live, but truly live the present. A day does not go by without me noticing how blue the sky is and seeing the changes as Spring takes its course after Winter. Tomorrow and the days to come hold absolutely NO fear, but must be planned for. Note that I have not mentioned the past. I cannot change the past but I can positively influence what lies ahead. Every moment is precious.
Until next time, take care out there!


  1. Grant
    Sounds like you are making good progress - keep it up.
    Rob Scott

  2. Grant is so wonderful to hear that you are feeling better and are well on the road to recovery. Hope you get a chance to take some stunning photos on your breakway. Looking forward to seeing you at the end of September in Cape Town and showing you the new camera I have just bought for myself.
    Angel blessings