Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wednesday 19 August 2009

I continue to make good progess. About 2 weeks into my radiotherapy, I found that I could not lie absolutely flat in bed without a persistent irritating cough developing. This obviously robbed both Margi and I of any sleep. I found the only way I could sleep was in a reclining chair in the lounge, which Greg has so generously lent to us. On our return to Knysna, the only place I was able to sleep was on the couch (2 seater!) in the family room. For the last 2 nights I have been able to sleep in a bed again. Fantastic! Another step forward.

Some while back I wrote about having observed that many people have little knowledge (I am generalising) about cancer and the treatment thereof. In some some cases, even patients who are undergoing treatment or who have recently being diagnosed with cancer. Yes, one may die of the disease but the huge advances made in treating cancer mean that in many instances the disease can be cured, particularly if detected early. I have found that there is a general consensus that all your hair will fall out if you undergo chemotherapy. This is not so. Some modern day chemotherapy drugs do not cause one's hair to fall out but may have other side effects not experienced with other chemotherapy drugs.

I am now eating almost normally even if I do take a while to consume a plate of food. Another step forward.

Look after yourselves and take care.

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  1. Thats great news Grant. Hope to see you when we are in SA in September.