Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Things really rough at the moment. I am having to dig really deep to keep on going forward. Mentally I feel very strong but physically my body is starting to cry out "ENOUGH!!" Thank goodness only 4 more treatments to go.
To add to all of this we had to have our dog, Emma put down this evening. At least she is no longer in any pain after struggling with arthritis for a number of years and at the weekend her hind legs started to give way. A cortisone injection helped a bit but to no avail. Emma was like a child to us and she will be really sorely missed.
I know that there are many who have been following my blog but have difficulty in leaving a comment. Not having a teenager around to ask "How does this work?" I had to work it out for myself. Maybe this will help:-

1.Click on COMMENTS at the end of the published blog

2.Another window will open. Scroll to the end of the comments

3.In the "Leave your comment box" type in your comment

4.Scroll a bit further down and carefully type in the verification word

5.Under "Choose an ID". Unless you have Google account/ID select NAME/URL. Type in your name. The URL or your own website address is optional. If you have a Google account/ID then type in your user name and password

6.Scroll a little further down and click on "PUBLISH COMMENT"

I do feel a little emotional at the moment and my brain is like mush. Cannot think of anything else I want to say. Until next time. Take care out there!!


  1. So very, very sorry to hear about Emma. Your heart must be breaking. I know what she meant to you but as hard as it is, you know you have made the right choice for her. Physically you are going to have the strength to get through the next 4 treatments. All the love and prayers from literally all around the world are going to help you. I know you can do it Grant. Lots and lots of love, Sue xxx

  2. Hang in there Grant and feel Archangel Azrael's healing energy and assistance in coping with your loss. See you on Saturday.

  3. Hello Sweetie Pie!!!
    My prayers and thoughts are with you every day!! May God bless you in everything you do! Even your sufferings!!

    I leave you with this Gaelic Blessing:

    Deep PEACE of the running wave to you
    Deep PEACE of the flowing air to you
    Deep PEACE of the quiet earth to you
    Deep PEACE of the gentle night light to you
    Moon and Stars pour their healing light on you
    Deep PEACE of the light of the world to you.

    Much love & Lots of kisses

  4. Dear Grant and Margi,
    Oh, I am so heart sore about Emma. She was always there, and when Margi and I had a "session" together she stayed with us!! I know the pain you are going through (I have been there so many times myself) I will hold Emma in the light.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you,
    luv & light, Jane Adams xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Dearest Grant & Margi,

    I have been praying silently for you to have strength to go through those gruelling sessions at radiation. I normally attend Margi's classes when she is in Durban. I was intrigued to learn about Emma's sad passing away. It interested me because my father was seriously ill after a botched operation to remove his gall bladder - he had gangrene. They cut his liver by mistake and he had to have 6 operations to repair the damage. All his organs failed. However, a cute black kitten came into our lives and stayed with him even when no one else could, giving him company, loving him, lying in his arms, curling around him, looking into his eyes with such divine love, licking him adoringly and so on. One day, when my dad was well on his way to recovering, there was an accident and the vet recommended we put Mischief down. It was the most difficult decision, we had him cremated and our hearts were wrenched out. Later we realised that he came into our lives for a purpose - those were the 9 months when he was needed the most to look after and provide companionship to my dad. My dad has fully recovered now and I know you will too! Angels blessings to you.