Friday, June 26, 2009

Winter has arrived with a bang. Temperature in Jo'burg this morning at 07:30 was 1 degree.
End of another week, hooray! 19 radiation treatments completed and 14 to go.
From yesterday evening things have been a little tough. Got home today after the treatment and have spent most of the day sleeping on and off. I am sure that having the weekend off will allow me to build my strength and resolve. Enough of that now.
Being involved closely in the whole cancer thing, I find it almost scary to see how many people are affected. The number of people, both young and old, who present themselves to receive daily radio-therapy treatment is almost mind blowing. Most look as if they are not ill at all.
When I listen to some of the stories and personal experiences as told by fellow patients, it is also concerning to hear the instances of patient mis-management and the apparent lack of information given to patients.
I believe there is a great need for a proper cancer support organisation. Yes, I know there are many but some of the advice that I have seen given, particularly on the Internet, leaves a lot to be desired.
Ok, enough from a very cold and dark Johannesburg. Enjoy the weekend.


  1. I'm sure the miserable cold weather does'nt help your situation either. So sorry to hear you have had yet another tough time, how awful for you. I hope the side effects of the radio-therapy treatment have'nt got any worse. Knowing you, I'm sure there will be a fantastic cancer support organisation up and running soon! It is such a good thing to have this blog. Told Ronald and Marilyn about it so they are also following your progress daily. Hope you have a good weekend. At least you are well over half way. Lots of love, Sue xxx

  2. Hi Grant, Lovely to see your blog. I wil now twitter the address. Look forward to hearing more news. Andrew. PS: Its scorching hot in London today.......

  3. Hi Grant - I think your blogs' great and perhaps the best way for a good cancer support organisation to start is through this kinda blog and those having had experiences to share and help others along the way. The mountain is gorgeous today - having had a cold misty Knysna day yesterday and a little more rain. Take care and love, light and strength for the journey. Bev

  4. Hi Grant

    I am so sorry to hear about Emma but know that what you have done is the kindest/best for her. We will miss her in our workshops! You must be feeling so relieved to know that you have finally reached the light at the end of the tunnel and will be heading back for Knysna soon. Look forward to having you both back down here.
    love to you all. Georgina