Monday, June 29, 2009

I had hoped to update this blog each day. However, the last two days have been somewhat of a challenge. Have felt really lousy and spent most of Saturday and Sunday sleeping during the day (and fortunately during the night as well!)
Did not sleep that well last night and lying awake at 1:00am allows the mind to travel far and wide. In the early hours of this morning all it seemed to be able to imagine and think about was a delicious piece of properly cooked boerewors which had just been removed from a wood fire somewhere in the bush.
Eating is becoming more and more of a chore and this weekend I had to resort to taking most of my nourishment through the PEG (feeding tube) The whole process of using the PEG is really tedious but necessary. Apparently it has been shown that patients who lose too much weight take longer to recover and heal.
Another radio-therapy session this morning. 20 down with 13 to go. The end is almost in sight!
24 years ago I fought and won a battle with cancer. What were my worst memories of that episode? The radio-therapy side effects. What do I consider to be the worst of my current situation? No prize for guessing, the side effects of the radio-therapy treatments! Anyhow, the end result is what really matters and having beat this once before, I WILL beat it again.
Tomorrow will be another fabulaous day!

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