Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Radio-therapy at 07:30 this morning followed by a 2 hour chemo-therapy treatment.
Saw the Oncologist before receiving the chemo. She is happy with the way things are progressing and feels that the side effects of the radiation should not get any worse. I can do that!!
The chemo drugs (chemicals) are laced with "pick-me ups" like cortisone and steroids. Feeling quite strong but that is probably after I slept for 2 hours this afternoon.
I am now officially past the half way mark with the current treatment protocols. 4 of 6 chemo sessions completed and 17 of 33 radiation sessions completed.
My thanks to all you who have encouraged and supported me in so many ways.
Margi deserves a medal for perseverance, support, giving love and for all the other ways in which she has helped me.
We are really starting to feel quite homesick at the moment. Cannot wait to get back to the Garden Route!

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