Sunday, June 21, 2009

Trying to get some of the events of the last week written up. Monday (15 June) saw another radio-therapy session. After hearing my gripes about pain and discomfort, I saw the doctor who prescribed a pain relief syrup and some other medication.
Now faced with the prospect of only being fed through the PEG tube in my stomach (not a thought I had being looking forward to!) I was told that I would have to stop thinking about eating using my mouth.
Dare I say that the pain syrup did not help at all and any swallow action was very painful. Tuesday (16 June) saw me sleeping a lot again. (It would seem that one does not swallow much whilst asleep)
Weekly chemo session on Wednesday (17 June) Saw the Oncologist who took one look at me and promptly announced "the side effects are much worse than what had been anticipated."
A prescription for Morphine syrup and a "Miracle" mouthwash (does not taste good) followed rapidly. Within a few hours the pain and discomfort had abated.
I am able once again to eat using my mouth, even if it does take quite a while to finish even a small plate of food.

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