Monday, June 22, 2009

Started the day with a visit to Discovery Health. I now know more than ever that a medical aid is a necessary evil. I intend at some time in the future taking up some of the issues which we are faced with as medical aid members. The lesson to be learnt - Read the fine print!
Had an appointment with the dietician after going to Discovery. Even though eating is a real chore, I am going to have to change my eating habits (what eating habits!!) once again. When the whole picture is painted, concerning nutrition, it becomes painfully obvious that many of us do not eat properly. Small wonder that I was recently found to be osteporitic. This condition has obviously not only come about due to aging but poor nutrition.
Then followed radio-therapy treatment No.15. Only 18 left!! Saw the radio-therapist, Dr Van Zyl who is happy with the way things are progressing.


  1. Such a nice photo of you. Think it must have been taken in Egypt. You make no mention of having chemo today. Thought Monday was chemo day. It's good to know that you're nearly half way through the radio-therapy treatments. Great that the doctor is happy with the progress. Hope you have a good pain free night.
    Lots of love, Sue xxx

  2. Good Morning Grant. It is rather freezing here in the Luangwa..well freezing for us as we are used to sun every day! I am on my way to sit quietly beside the Luangwa River, absorbing some sun into my bones and offer up the moment of peace to you. I cannot swallow for you but I can feel with you ....and peace it will be. Have a good day. Love Carol Coppinger

  3. Hi Grant!

    Great to hear that you are up to receiving visitors once again. Only one more to go! You have coped amazingly. Only up from here on!
    Thinking of you with admiration.
    Angel love, light and blessings,