Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday 12 August 2009

It is amazing how quickly the time goes by. August is now almost halfway through and I guess it will not be long before we are dusting off the Christmas decorations again.

We went for a drive along the coast, south of Mossel Bay. A couple of years ago we had done the same and the whole area was full of wildflowers at this time of the year. Sadly, the current drought, which is apparently now the worst in 150 years, has taken it's toll and there were no flowers to be seen. Great drive though which saw us reaching Stillbaai, No whales spotted either.

Earlier this week I managed to get some food down orally but it is almost as if someone took a pin and pricked my bubble yesterday. I loast all interest in eating and had to once again resort to using the feeding tube. Throat is also sore at the moment. Anyhow, it would seem that i must be patient and accept that two steps forward may be followed by half a step backwards. Otherwise, I have picked up a bit of weight and most days I feel like a human being again. Still feel weak and cannot work up much enthusiasm to do anything too strenuous.

Winter has arrived again in the Southern Cape and some mountain passes are closed with snowfalls. Just wish we could get some rain. I hope that we do not have a repeat of November 2007 when in most areas the Southern Cape experienced rainfall of more than 400mm in the space of 72 hours.

Take care and look after yourselves.

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