Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday 22 July 2009

After a very challenging couple of days I am now feeling much better. I had perhaps underestimated the cumulative side effects of the radio-therapy. Anyhow, that is behind me now and the free-wheeling can continue. (I am not particularly keen on saying it is all downhill from here!) Tomorrow afternoon I will see the Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who will survey the war zone and establish a point against which my progress over the next twelve weeks can be measured. Tomorrow I will also finalise arrangements for the removal of my temporary plumbing modifications on 7 September. One of these being the Arterial Port which assisted hugely with administering the various Chemo drips. The feeding tube is the other, which although very necessary, is the bane of my life. Even with the feeding tube I have still lost around 12kgs in weight. Without the feeding tube I would probably lost more than 20kgs.

I strongly believe the ATTITUDE one adopts towards every challenge and event that needs to be dealt with is of paramount importance. NEGATIVE ATTITUDE = NEGATIVE OUTCOME and similarly, POSITIVE ATTITUDE = POSITIVE OUTCOME. An easy recipe for success or failure, not only when fighting a life-threatening disease, but in everything we attempt, be it a job, a relationship, an unpleasant task or anything we need to achieve. A very liberal sprinkling of stubbornness and determination is also an advantage to adopting a POSITIVE ATTITUDE. It is not easy to always adopt that POSITIVE ATTITUDE, but then we need to remember the price that may have to be paid if not adopted. A dear friend of ours, Kim Beckett sent us a book, “Love, Medicine and Miracles” by Bernie Siegel (a surgeon) Although I am only about one third of the way through, it is very apparent that POSITIVE ATTITUDE is a major contributor towards beating a life-threatening disease.

That is enough for now and my rambling along. Take care out there!


  1. Whew, so relieved to see you are back on the blog (must have checked over a 100 times, at least!)Thrilled to hear you are feeling better this evening.The last couple of days you have had such a rough time. I know you will continue with your positive attitude and it won't be long now and your life will be back to normal. Well done! Lots and lots of love, Sue xxx

  2. Much as I believe in the power of positive thought and attitude and your inner strength also found myself checking often and was delighted to find your latest posting. When you get round to writing that book please include a section on the carers. I found that no one at the hospital prepared me for what it would take when Bill came home after all the ops. What I learned rather quickly was that, nursing was not a career option and that it takes a lot for me to ask for help. Maybe we can collaborate on that section.